Timely Man Management

Many workers get along with each other well enough to keep production high, but the addition of new people can cause issues. Some of them will eventually fit in when their training is complete, but others will create problems that require a solution from management. Timely intervention is important because it will help those who have worked together well for years to see their manager is willing to find solutions, so a supervisor who simply ignores the problem in the hopes it will go away is actually creating future issues.

Friction in the workplace can be a major cause of stress, so finding ways to ease it is important. For those who find that one of their fellow workers is not doing their job and getting away with it, the stress may build up over time. Telling their supervisor and finding no action is being taken elevates the levels of disharmony, and it can make even the best employees choose to find work elsewhere. Whether they stay or leave, just one person creating stress in a work environment can cause production levels to plummet if nothing is done to solve the issue.

It can be difficult in the modern world for a supervisor to find the right path with an employee creating stress on the job for others, but it is one that should be tackled as soon as possible. While removal is not always the answer, transferring a bad employee to a different department might help. If there is a continuing issue in the new area of work, termination could be the best choice.

Going to work every day is often something people look forward to, so ensuring they have a good work environment is a key way to promote production. For those who suddenly find there is stress on the job, reporting it to a supervisor is a good way to start the process of relief.