How to Ensure Diversity and Equality in the Workplace

The workplace has to be a diverse environment that is fully inclusive and treats all workers as equals. But, how can you ensure that your office environment is truly diverse? Well, there are many interventions and practices that you can adopt to make sure you achieve this.

An open-minded working environment that values differences, not only benefits the individual, but can also help to improve productivity, creativity and wellbeing. Below we share some useful tips on how to achieve diversity and equality in the office environment.

Contribute to cultural diversity

Every member of the office can help to contribute to the cultural diversity of the office environment. Employees should be encouraged to express their culture, life experiences, and personal background. This can all help to create a positive, professional working experience. Encourage staff to get to know each other, organise team building days and meetings outside of the office.

Acknowledge those differences

Be aware that we are all different, and acknowledge these differences in a positive light. Difference helps to create a vibrant and productive working atmosphere. One way of implementing this is via the use of Unconscious Bias Training, that helps to unearth those prejudices and to facilitate a safe working environment.

Utilise a mentoring scheme

New members of office staff who are from marginalised backgrounds, will greatly benefit from an in-house mentoring scheme. Members of staff who are underrepresented can be supported and encouraged to become fully integrated into their new working environment.

Encourage questions

It is important that the office environment is open-minded and allows questions and open conversations. Conversation should be free flowing between all office disciplines, and from the ground floor through to management level. An open and honest working environment not only encourages honesty and acceptance, but can help to squash any problems while they are small.

Place value on diversity

Diversity is hugely important in any working environment and should be valued in a positive light. Everyone has their own unique beliefs, perspectives and voice. All members of office staff should be openly asked to contribute to working projects, office goals and progressive planning. Create an ideas board where everyone can jot down ideas, and hold a weekly planning meeting.

Seek out those new ideas

To be diverse and progressive in your working life you need to keep asking questions and to be open to new ideas. When considering a work related problem, seek out ideas from other members of staff. Brainstorm and see what insight can be offered – everyone will have their own unique view. When you seek out those new ideas, not only are you problem solving, but you are enabling positive communication and creating an inclusive working environment.

Celebrate cultural holidays

Finally, celebrate other cultural holidays and special days as an office. Create a cultural holiday calendar that office staff can contribute towards. Encourage workers to bring in food to celebrate the holiday, start a discussion, and acknowledge any requests for prayers or reflection.

The office environment should be diverse and embrace difference. Doing so will encourage a safe, productive and positive working environment.

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